Have you wondered why people live in New Orleans?

Here’s a book with specific answers!

smallCover1The book addresses three implied questions:

  • Why would anyone live in an area with environmental challenges that are presenting themselves to the world with increasing urgency?
  • Why do current residents live here, knowing these challenges?
  • What impacts do the unfolding events in the New Orleans area have on people living in the rest of the world?

This is not a hurricane book, though there are positive details about hurricane and other issues.  It is not a travel book, though it showcases a lot of the beauty, attractions, culture, and charm that form the foundation of local residents’ tenacity.sax  Lastly, it is not solely a regional book, for to answer the above questions one must look at the area’s roles, commanalities, and differences relative to the nation and world.  

Interviews of adult and young residents provide diverse voices and viewpoints.  The author’s family’s experiences and personal narrative provide cohesion.  Local, national, and international sources provide depth and larger perspectives on relevant issues.

“I loved the book. The amount of information is impressive, bringing a lot of facts together with the personal, people’s viewpoints. It touched me through its photos and descriptions, and it flowed well.”
~ Jackie Graff, Licensed New Orleans Tour Guide

“It resonates where we are as a country faced with the option of complaining and focusing on the dire circumstances or finding a way to work together for a solution.”
~ Yvonne Hymel, Resident

“… one of the most impressive aspects of it is the diversity of the book; the book looks like New Orleans.”
~ Hal Clark, WYLD-FM’s Sunday Journal

“… beautiful book … an affectionate and most welcome tribute.”
~ Fr. William Byron, Saint Joseph’s University, Pennsylvania

“The book gives a sense of what New Orleans is about, not just a place to live. It’s not naive, saying only, ‘it’s our home no matter what.’ I get a sense of courage and hopefulness. Whether you’re an insider or outsider, you get to learn what’s happening in the New Orleans area.”
~ Dr. Kristina Hesbol, Illinois Educator

“I thought from reading the first few pages that it was just a lighthearted collection of testimonials by residents of the city as to what their reasons for choosing to live here were.  So I was quite surprised to find as I read on that this this is a deeply serious book about critical threats to the city’s very existence, and I was struck by how extensive and well coordinated your research into and documentation of the technical environmental issues that have a bearing on this crisis are.  You are obviously much more than a mere pollster of lay opinion about local enjoyments, rather a responsible and concerned citizen with a strong sense of community.  I thank you for this contribution to my knowledge of the matters dealt with.”
~ Joseph B. Stahl, Resident

Book Statistics

Title: Why People Live in New Orleans
Author: Christine Allen Ewy
ISBN: 978-0-615-29934-1
Length: 96 pages
Retail Price: $26.99
Binding: Hardcover, printed case
Illustrations: Over 200 four-color photographs
Additions: Bibliographical references, index, related resources
Publisher: Calereka Books, 2117 Veterans Blvd. PMB 339, Metairie, LA 70002 504-444-4908
Release date: August 15, 2009

You can preview excerpts from Why People Live in New Orleans here.

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“It was very enjoyable reading, including a tremendous amount of research!
It’s something you can read, set aside, and return to without losing anything.”
~ Anthony Hymel, Resident

Imagine these succinct photo essays…

  • willieHelping you express your passion to friends and relatives
  • Logically replacing misperceptions with clearly illustrated facts
  • Adding to our ability to make informed decisions and take positive actions
  • Thanking volunteers and supporting their storytelling, too!
  • Projecting to the world our feelings of “what a great community,” even with all its imperfections
  • Strengthening our desire to regenerate the New Orleans area, our nation, and the world together

“It’s a marvelous book.  It was just what I wanted to say — there are times when you get asked questions and you just can’t think of a proper response.  I felt Why People Live in New Orleans came from the heart.”
~ Kathyrn LeSaicherre, Resident

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